Service Locations – Los Angeles California

Los Angeles is well-known for its year-round sunny weather

….and lush vegetation making it the perfect place to enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle. However, the city’s sprawling landscapes come at a cost. Maintaining a traditional lawn can be challenging, especially during the dry summer months. Constant water restrictions and drought conditions have made it difficult for many homeowners to keep their grass green.


As a result, many businesses and homeowners have turned to artificial turf as a more sustainable option. In fact, most of the beautifully landscaped lawns, sports fields, and common areas are actually artificial grass. Not only does synthetic grass require less water than natural grass (saving homeowners tons of money), but it’s also more durable and easier to care for (saving homeowners tons of time). No need for a special underground irrigation system with all its challenges, broken pipes, and clogged spigots. Artificial grass comes to the rescue!


Artificial St. Augustine grass is especially popular in the Los Angeles area.

Turf for dogs, aka dog-friendly fake grass or doggie turf grass, can be as simple as fake grass on concrete or as advanced as the best fake grass for yards available. Realistic fake grass will be your dog’s best friend! (Next to you, of course!)


Sports fields of all sizes and shapes can benefit from Astro Turf and similar products. A synthetic turf surface offers safety, protection, and realistic bounce. Artificial turf for a bocce court, a synthetic putting green, Astro Turf for a backyard, or premium pro turf adds much to home turf landscaping options (and to the home’s value).

Artificial turf has become mainstream.

Now, with availability to a local wholesale warehouse for turf and accessories, installers, contractors, and landscapers can cut down on shipping charges and get what they need faster. SGS Turf Wholesale Synthetic Grass in Pomona, CA features an extensive selection of synthetic turf products, tools, and turf accessories almost at your fingertips! Get discount artificial turf straight from the artificial grass factory to our warehouse and direct to contractors. Our synthetic turf wholesale warehouse is only 29 miles from Los Angeles.


Synthetic grass, artificial turf, fake grass, synthetic turf, or false grass –

whatever name you attach to the latest craze – Los Angeles residents, businesses, and schools are convinced it’s the way to go. All our SGS Turf Wholesale Synthetic Grass products in Pomona come with a 16-year performance warranty. Beyond the traditional uses of synthetic grass, Cross-fit turf has gained a following, as has premium pro turf putting greens in backyard areas for recreational purposes.


Our knowledge of varieties, purposes, artificial grass drainage systems, synthetic lawn installation and false grass installation procedures benefit our clients in their selection of turf products. With factory direct to contractor for residential or commercial projects the savings we pass on to you are incredible! Plus, we offer extra discounts to Veterans.


We help you to match the right product for each job – taking into account soil conditions and erosion tendencies. We offer assistance in proper rock material selection for specific draining situations such as pet turf, artificial sports grass, or playground turf surfaces because specific installs require different infills. Whether your customers want artificial grass for its performance & anti-bacterial qualities or for its beauty and low maintenance features, SGS Turf Wholesale Synthetic Grass in Pomona has what you need.

Our wholesale synthetic turf warehouse near Los Angeles has 2.1 million square feet of landscape and sport synthetic turf products that are ready to ship. You can even call now and we’ll get your order on its way. Better yet…stop in for a visit. We’re so close to Los Angeles…it will be worth the short jaunt! Guaranteed!