Poa Annua

Recommended Use: Moderate
Main Application: Golf
Colors: Bi-Color

Common Uses

  • Tight Textured Grain
  • Clean Ball Roll
  • Low Infill System
  • Bi-Color

Product Description

The extreme tight weave of texturized putting grass fibers in our Poa Annua surfaces creates an ultra clean, smooth consistent rolling surface.

True Ball Roll…

Poa Annua is designed to be a lower-labor-intensive installed putting green, while exhibiting all the features of full sand-dressed greens that typically cost much more.
Because of the heavier face weight and tighter weave, Poa Annua allows smooth roll, consistently. The polyethylene fibers are slightly softer than traditional synthetic putting surfaces, thusly reducing the need to roll or compact the fibers down as often. Another great feature is lower ball bounce, so chipping and “sticking” the ball becomes somewhat easier without having to introduce pads or extensive amounts of infill.

Wear Moderate
Color Bi-Color
Height .45”
Blade Structure Textured PE
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific
Golf X
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