Meridian 50

Recommended Use: Moderate
Main Application: Landscape / Pet Friendly
Colors: Olive & Field Green

Common Uses

  • Bold W Fiber Design
  • 5 Different Face Weights
  • 5 Pile Heights
  • Dark Fescue Color

Product Description

Meridian 50 was designed as an equitable option, but with overwhelmingly great looks. With a 1.75” pile height, rich dark fescue colors, and low sheen W-fiber, Meridian 50 is a smart choice. The color scheme of the Meridian line has been proven for over 10-years and is chosen winner. Perfect for front yard and high visibility applications.

Meridian is a true and proven turf line, and has been a staple product of SGS for many years. As an award winning product, Meridian stands on its own merits with regard to over all looks and application.

Wear Moderate
Color Olive & Field Green
Height 1.4” to 2.5”
Blade Structure W Fiber
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific
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