Meridian Series

The Meridian Series of synthetic turf is designed to look completely natural with variegated colors, blade texture, and even a fortified 3X Parabolic W blade designed to reflect UV and day time heat.

Most Natural Looking Turf on The Market
Because of SGS’ exclusive color mix, our green hue blended grass fibers represent healthy turf in prime growing season. The result is a mixed directional blade stock and random texture that looks absolutely realistic. No other turf product on the market has the distinct upright qualities, and natural look of the Meridian artificial grass series.

Turf Heat Reflective Technology
Meridian Series turf is independently tested for extreme UV exposure.
Heat reducing synthetic turf

UVMeridian line of turf has been subjected to a full 16-year UV test insuring that colorfast is a priority concern for SGS.

Knowing the harsh conditions Southern climates with higher sun exposure present, we are serious about quality for the longterm.

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