Z – SGS Wholesale Turf Buying Advantage

Already a landscape contractor or landscape supplier?

SGS Wholesale Turf has a buying advantage. If you’re new to the synthetic turf business, or even considering turf as an add-on to your existing landscape or hardscape contracting, we can help train you, or your crew, with proven installation techniques that save time and material.

Because we’ve spent over 25-years installing artificial grass in a wide range of applications, from NCAA sports fields to PGA rated putting greens across the United States, we have an understanding of the best practices and principles that create efficient and beautiful synthetic surface projects.

Products in stock and ready for pick-up or delivery:

  • Several variations of artificial turf for a wide range of applications
  • Turf Infill, either rounded coated sand, silica or zeolite pending application
  • Turf Nails in 100lbs boxes
  • Bender Board & Turf Nailerboard.
  • Glue & Seam Tape products
  • Putting Green and Putting Green Infill

As well, we even offer job-site delivery, which anybody doing a project understands the time savings in this.

Our goal is to provide the best possible customer service, the most comprehensive and reliable products, at the best price possible. You may find that we’ll not always be the least expensive, but you can be assured we’ll make your project a success with the best product available.

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