Z – Import Turf vs. US Made Turf

As is apparent in our daily life that import products, mainly from Asia, dominate our consumer driven society.  Here are some reasons to consider turf products of both foreign & domestic in origin, and what may be hidden in either choice.

US-Made Turf

SGS Turf Synthetic Turf Monofilament
SGS Turf Synthetic Turf Monofilament

We believe that US made product has better traceability from raw components, such as polyethylene pellets produced by Exxon (or similar) plastics, to production/quality control of a finished product, is far more accurate and allows recourse should something fail within warranty period.  As well, contaminates or trace heavy metals cannot be utilized in the raw production process.  Finally, with North American produced product, we can craft raw materials that are sustainable and allow for recyclability of the turf once the life of materials has been exhausted.

The process to recycle turf is similar to other plastics. Turf materials are culled, reduced in size, and then processed into smaller cubes as feed stock. This feedstock is then used to make products with low property requirements of use, such as plastic bottles, packaging etc.


SGS Turf Synthetic Wholesale Grass Imports
SGS Turf Synthetic Wholesale Grass Imports

t Synthetic Turf

Foreign and import product leaves a little more room for error and quality control; leaving what is considered 2nd quality passing as A1 quality.

The margin of error and ability to control raw resources with foreign made materials is far more difficult and as much so with recourse for defective materials.

Where can you see a failure with a foreign made product?

Typically the failing point of turf is degradation of plastics from UV light. To make product less expensive, higher quality plastics are mixed with lower grade product, plus fillers such as calcium carbonate to “prop” up the initial characteristics of the finished product. Unfortunately, these initial propped up results quickly wane under UV light, leading to chalking and fade.

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