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Product testing, above and beyond…

SGS Turf is more than a wholesale synthetic turf supplier.

SGS has taken the quality level of our products to a new level. We simply don’t take finished goods at face value, but have implemented a stringent checks and balances system. In addition to conforming product standards, we have also secondarily pushed the acceptable levels of quality, longevity, and systems. Simply one product will not meet the needs of multiple applications. Conversely a front yard landscape application is not going to see the foot traffic a playground or active backyard application will experience. Because of our long standing history & knowledge of synthetic turf, we continue to push our quality requirement and truth in numbers. For years, the synthetic turf industry has run on the premise of bate-and-switch or exaggerated product specifications. Be weary of competitor numbers that seem to good to be true, especially when the price tag associated with the product is to good to be true.
UV Tested

The sun is powerful!

We know the end all to most colorfast UV stable plastics (your black, now gray car bumper) is having a turf product that can withstand the punishing rays of del sol. SGS’ commitment to, and understanding of these critical factors, is why we independently test and certify our products prior to market-place launch. We do this in part, firstly to understand the threshold from which to base a comprehensive warranty. Not a warranty based upon what our nearest competitor has comprised, but knowing the solid facts of product viability. Second, formulating products that are properly positioned for their intended use. All of our turf products endure a stringent 16-year, sustained UV independent test, known as ASTM G154

So when comparing products, understand we independently test these products above and beyond manufacture testing and thresholds.


Green turf, unlike the rest…

Because we use a unique manufacturing process, our turf has the exclusive ability to be recycled after its use has been exhausted. No other US made turf has this distinct ability to be repurposed. SGS has the only closed loop product that supports both water and energy savings, plus mitigated landfill disposal.

Q. How long does SGS’ recyclable artificial turf last?

A. All turf has a variable life span depending on its use and application(s).

Most fibers contained within our turf products have a wear life that has been tested, (based on sports use) for heavy foot traffic, such as soccer, football, rugby etc to exceed 10-years. In addition, we conduct stringent UV testing, which inevitably UV degradation is the most detrimental to any colorfast product.

Q. What does this mean for you?

A. Your turf isn’t going to wear out; even a heard of pack animals will not wear it out.

Other applications such as landscape, and normal foot traffic, can expect a far greater life-span. In reality our turf products have seen use for up to 20-years without any signs of degradation.

Proprietary Process

Most synthetic grass products are made very similar to carpet which use a glue (urethane) to hold the grass fibers in place. This glue can be found on the backing (bottom layer) of the turf.

What separates our product from others is that we use a wholly different backing system that omits glues, and other harmful chemicals, and SGS uses a non-woven PuR Flow backing.

PuR Flow Backing allows water to flow through the whole turf system and is not restricted in any way. Other products use small drain-holes or lanes where water can drain, limiting the the path in which the water can flow & eventually drain. Pur Flow backing allows an amazing 234″ per hour passivity, while the nearest competitor has a drain rate of 24″ per hour.

Get the right product, for your synthetic grass project, and have assurance that you’ve made the right choice.

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