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PuRtech Infill for Synthetic Turf Applications

antimicrobial turf infill

Anti Microbial Turf Infill





PuRtech Artificial Turf Infill is an alternative infill to traditional synthetic turf sand and rubber products. PuRtech is designed to perform multiple functions within synthetic grass & artificial lawn applications. PuRtech infill is coated with a microbial disruption system that attacks the growth of mildew and molds before they can begin to grow. This anti-microbial system is completely safe and is built into may housing materials today such as flooring, paint, wallboard and other interior & exterior finish building materials.

Secondly, PuRtech is designed to help prevent turf material movement and wrinkling. As dramatic temperature swings can happen, turf will contract or expand, causing wrinkles to potentially happen. Because the specific gravity and overall density of PuRtech is much greater than traditional fractured sand, PurTech is able to provide ballast that is not easily displaced, and mitigates turf movement.

Another important function of PuRtech is the rounded shape of each grain; being round makes it nearly impossible for it to compact. This non compacting function helps water and other debris easy flow through plus forgiving under foot.

  • Anti-Bacterial inhibitor

  • Microbial Disruption

  • Non-compacting

  • Turf Stability

So take advantage of SGS’ PuRtech infill and make sure the longevity of your synthetic turf is built from the ground up with the best possible materials.

Product Availability & Delivery Details
  • PuRtech is offered in 50lbs bags as well as super-sacks for larger projects. Can be shipped within 24-hours of order.
  • Available in green, black, and green/black color combinations
  • Mesh/Sieve size: 12/20 & 15/30

Download Data Sheet Here

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