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SGS Turf continues to grow with our newly expanded logistics yard.

Standing on 4-acres, SGS Turf has updated all logistic and will call services for convenience plus room to grow. The new turn-around yard makes it quick and easy for contractor trucks with trailers to maneuver and capable of handing several trucks at a time. In addition, we’ve added new fleet trucks for local delivery and new hub locations coming soon to service Dallas metro, Denver, and East Coast. SGS Turf continues to innovate and create products that are cutting edge for the synthetic turf industry. Learn more today!
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You have many choices for purchasing artificial turf, eBay, craigslist and a host of other online resellers, but how do you know where & what you’re actually getting?

Many 3rd tier resellers don’t actually know where their product comes from, and are told they are getting factory direct.

The SGS Difference.
Stocked up to 2-million sq ft of landscape and application specific products, accessories, and all ready to ship same day!

Our products are designed in the US with specification to the finished product, factory direct. We test and verify each product using a series of stringent ASTM test methodologies.

We’ll actually provide you with a manufacture date, dye lot, production run of materials, so you know exactly how your turf is processed & made.

SGS Turf Wholesale Synthetic Grass Super Store Putting Green
Know the quality of the turf you’re getting up front. All of our turf & components are tested in the US going the extra mile by conducting:
  • 16-Year UV
  • Lead & Heavy metal content
  • Wear
  • Stitch strength (tuft bind).
  • 16-Year Warranty!

SGS also offers direct, 100% US manufactured products, using the best possible components.

Our US manufacturing produces products you’ve probably seen on television. The last 4-Super Bowls have all been played on the same type of turf and components we offer right here at SGS Turf. Get prime, testing and proven materials from SGS Turf direct.
Tested - Proven - Verified
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