Recommended Use: Light Traffic
Main Application: Landscape
Colors: Field Green/Rye Green

Common Uses

  • Front & Backyard
  • Rooftop
  • Lower Cost Solution
  • Hillside or Visual Remediation

Product Description

Bringing quality turf, with realistic natural looks at an amazingly low price is no easy task, but SGS Turf does just that with our New Zatanna synthetic grass line. Low cost no longer has to mean an undesirable finished product; something looking closer to tacky Easter grass rather than a lush natural lawn. Taking characteristics from our top selling lines, such as color, texture, and overall touch, while reducing production costs, has yielded the great looking product that is our new Zatanna line.

The coloration of Zatanna finds a balance between a healthy dark Fescue and a fresh green Rye or Kentucky Blue blend. This balance of color allows Zatanna to be installed in almost any region in North America. In choosing product materials for Zatanna, SGS focused on a supportive root-zone first, which gave Zatanna an upright primary fiber appearance, like a freshly mowed lawn. Zatanna applications include front or backyard, low traffic, cost effective landscape uses, and even limited event use. The lower pile height makes it perfect for rooftop and other looks-focused applications where cost over function is the primary driver. Zatanna ships nationwide, so contact SGS Turf for more information.

Wear Light
Color Field Green/ Spring
Height 1.5”
Blade Structure Soft C Blade
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific NO
Golf NO
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