Niobe 50

Recommended Use: Light Traffic
Main Application: Landscape
Colors: Field Green/Rye Green

Common Uses

  • Front & Backyard
  • Rooftop
  • Lower Cost Solution
  • Hillside or Visual Remediation

Product Description

Niobe is one of our latest creations and expands on our quest for a more upright, manicured, crisp mowed appearance.  Have you ever gone to a resort where the lawn was absolutely perfect? Well this is exactly what Niobe it, perfect.  Contrasting colors, and depth of grass blades brings curbside appeal to a whole new level.  Two face weight options and pile height to meet desired budget and overall looks.

Great for front lawn and backyards, and perfect for high-profile locations such as commercial street side, where visual traffic and a perfected lawn is key.  Utilizing a stiffer Omega shape fiber is the structural core that keeps Niobe at attention. In addition, the dramatic shape of the Omega fiber reduces glare and thus reduces sheen or reflective shine.
Niobe can be installed in any region in the North America with its well balanced, neither too dark or bright green, color profile.
Available in 15’ x 100’ roles and also cut to length for your project needs.
Available at all SGS Turf logistic locations, and ships nationwide.

Wear Light
Color Field Green/ Spring
Height 1.5”
Blade Structure Soft C Blade
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific NO
Golf NO
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