Impact Pad


Introducing Turf  impact pad systems. Designed as a next level solution for creating fall safety, sustainability, and an overall cost effective turf underlayment solution. This impact pad utilizes a patent pending Gradient Energy Reduction design. Simply put, there is no other impact pad like it, nor performs as well.

Design & Functionality

  •  Intersecting shiplap edge
  •  Dual purpose channeled deck for rapid water remediation, and heat dissipation
  •  Vertical drainage connected to channeled deck, moving an effective 30 + inches per hour
  •  Ultra stable thermal contraction and expansion properties
  • 100% Non porous, and *antibacterial properties
  • Far greater Gmax & HIC value than other systems
  • Finally, full circle recylabilty adding sustainability as a priority in design.


Explore our Impact Pad:

Playground Impact Pad

1.8" Thickness
Playground Impact Pad

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