Golf Chipping Pad

Recommended Use: Moderate
Main Application: Golf
Colors: White

Common Uses

  • Putting Green
  • Indoor/Outdoor

Product Description

5mm Turf Pad – SGS C250

5MM Pad Uses & Benefits

SGS Turf 5mm chipping and impact pad is specifically designed to be used under multiple turf applications.
Predominantly our 5mm pad is used underneath putting surfaces and helps to insure a proper ball reaction upon putting surface impact.
A natural green has an ability to absorb ball impact, allowing the ball to “bite” or sit on the green when lofted or chipped. Our 5mm Chipping pad creates a very similar reaction letting the ball to bite, and not run. Nothing is as good as a real putting green, but using a 5mm pad helps get this as close as you can get, without having to go through the headache of maintaining a natural green.
SGS Turf recommends putting surfaces be installed by a professional to get the best possible outcome and performance of your synthetic putting green.

Other Uses

Another key use for the 5mm impact pad is player or human contact to surface.
Providing limited, but beneficial impact protection can be a vital use for the 5mm impact pad.
Not to be confused with a head impact pad for sports fields or playgrounds, the 5mm pad does provide limited absorption that otherwise would not be available with a standard synthetic grass installation over aggregate or hard-surface.

Children Play

Daycare for toddlers who tend to participate in ground level play on hands and knees and even low level jumping tumbling. This extra bit of cushion will give that next level of comfort.

Wear Moderate
Color Brilliant Augusta white, Pebble Beach Oyster
Height .1.75″
Blade Structure Textured PE
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific
Golf X
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