Champion Dark-Blend 70

Recommended Use: Moderate to High
Main Application: Backyard / Golf Fringe
Colors: Olive Green, Field Green

Common Uses

  • Stout C fiber
  • Ultra Dense Top Fiber
  • Perfect for 1st Cut
  • No Layover or Flattening

Product Description

Still sporting the stout vertical C-fiber system as our other Champion products, but this time we’ve introduced a dark, fescue rich color variation.
The darker color variant for Champion Dark will help service areas that typically grow late season fescue or even over fertilized Kentucky Blue grass.
Use and options for Champion are wide ranging. Great for a first cut on a golf fringe, or even a rooftop applications.  Because the slight stiffness to the blade structure, Champion appears as a crisp cut, and a well watered lawn in prime growing season.  Available for immediate delivery.
Wear Moderate to High
Color Olive Green, Field Green
Height 1.5”
Blade Structure C Fiber
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific
Golf X
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