Alpha Pet Turf

Recommended Use: High Wear
Main Application: Pet Specific
Colors: Bi-Color

Common Uses

  • Fastest Draining System Available
  • Ultra Durable
  • Non Absorbing Components
  • Easy Cleanup

Product Description

SGS Turf brings you an exciting new K9 specific turf system, Alpha Pet.

Alpha Pet artificial pet grass is designed with k9 pet functions that other proclaimed pet turf systems simply don’t have.
Alpha Pet is designed to take four-legged abuse, drain fast and effectively, and is easy to clean with a stout, yet shorter pile-height.

  • All components in Alpha Pet are non-absorbing, reducing potential bacterial growth.
  • Alpha Pet uses a high-flow backing systems that allows drainage through the back, as well as quarter perforated drain-holes.
  • Standard synthetic turf systems drains on average of 28” to 30” per hour, per sq yard; Alpha Pet can drain double the amount.

For more information about Alpha Pet, contact sgsturf.com or call 844-208-Turf.

Wear High Traffic
Color B-Color
Height 1.1″
Blade Structure Diamond
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific X
Call Now 844-208-8873
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