Alpha Pet Pro Turf

Recommended Use: High Wear
Main Application: Pet Specific
Colors: Color Apple Green/Olive Green

Common Uses

  • Fastest Draining System Available
  • Ultra Durable
  • Non Absorbing Components
  • Easy Cleanup

Product Description

Alpha Pet Pro US MADE!

A real synthetic pet turf, and undoubtedly having one of the most robust drainage ratings available today. In addition to hi performance drainage, Alpha Pet Pro has an extreme wear fiber system that also impliments a temperature cooling resin, coupled with a lower pile height resulting in overall cooler temps during peak heat events. Finally, natural looks and non-toxic system that’s safe for pets and kids alike!

  • Pet friendly, non-toxic, and safe for pets and children alike
  • Durable backing system creates ultimate stability in any weather condition.
  • Perfect blend of colors and realistic looks for kennels and dog runs
  • Slight soft touch fibers, yet durable design
  • Flow through backing system prevents water accumulation
  • Water dissipation and drainage rates:
  • ASTM f1551
  • 900+ Inches/Hour
  • 6.73 Sec/6″ Zone
  • 300.15 Gal/min/yd2
  • Fast draining means better odor remediation and cleaning of pet waste
  • For greater safety our pet grass carries a fire rating of ASTM D2859
  • Short pile height lead to less heat build-up during peak heat events in addition to Temperature Control IR additive built directly into AP Pro Fiber to help keep your pet space cooler during summer
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean simply gather the solid waste and dispose, a quick rinse with the hose to freshen the pet grass or if you prefer allow solid waste to break down and drain away
  • This product is also ideal for commercial use, rooftops, side yard, front or back yard installations and more
Wear Moderate
Color Apple Green/Olive Green
Height 1.1″
Blade Structure Textured PE
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific X
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