Recommended Use: Light to Moderate
Main Application: Landscape / Pet Friendly
Colors: Apple/Forest

Common Uses

    • Golf Rough
    • Pet Friendly
    • High Visual Impact

Product Description

Aegis is a drastic step forward in a natural appearance by utilizing a twisted top fiber, along with a low bulk thatch system, creating texture that only real grass has. This breakthrough fiber system allows the fiber to refract light in multiple directions, reducing sheen, and creating natural texture.

If you take notice of a natural grass lawn, it does’t look like a carpet, or some overly manicured sheet of green. Real grass has texture, depth, and space between the grass blades, and that texture is multi-directional and is exactly what Aegis creates with the twisted fiber and depth system. A perfect turf system for high visibility, and locations where visual impact is a premium. As bright as the green hues appear in photos, that all diminishes once installed and becomes that top notch looking Augusta lawn, or high mountain rye in Spring growth. Aegis, a new look in natural grass appearance from SGS Turf.

Wear light to moderate
Color Apple/Forest
Height 1.75
Blade Structure Textured PE
Landscape X
Pet Friendly X
Pet Specific
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