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Wholesale Synthetic Turf for Pets

We can handle all of your Pet's Artificial Turf Needs

  • 16 Year Warranty
  • Designed for Durability
  • Great for Pets of all Sizes
  • USA Made Product
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Man's best friend can be man's worst enemy to your lawn.

As much as we love our dogs and are such great companions, the toll on real grass from dog urine burning the grass and constant digging would drive any normal person insane. Serving Orange County with pet friendly turf is one of our specialties and we offer 2 superior pet systems, AlphaPet and AlphaPet Pro. No more holes and nothing but green maintenance free lawn for days and days.

SGS also offers the only, fully recyclable turf products on the market… Another SGS advantage.

Orange County Pet Turf

We focus our turf system on drainage that exceeds normal pet turf products with at least 2x greater passivity. Our AlphaPet Pro turf drains a massive amount at 10 X greater than any pet turf on the market!

What makes our pet turf so good…durability, high drainage, sanitary and best of all, green forever.

All of our pet turf products can be used in high use facilities such as kennels, and doggie day cares.

Both pet products can handle extensive cleaning and even resistant to most cleaning products, so scrub and wash away if necessary.

SGS Turf Wholesale Synthetic Grass Super Store Pet-Friendly
SGS Turf dog-artificial-grass-orange-county

Get Your Pet Turf Installed by the Pros!!!

All of our pro dog turf installers know how to create a seamless pet friendly install so that there are no edges or any area that your adventurous k9 can get into, or tear up.

Durability and safe is the name of the game when it comes to our pet friendly k9 turf for Orange County.

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