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Factory Direct Synthetic Turf Installation in Oak Hills, California!

Oak Hills California is centrally located in the high desert of Southern California with the backdrop of San Bernardino National Forest skirting its southern flank. Oak Hills is known for rambling estates with lots in excess of 8-acres. Being that Oak Hills is high desert country with large house lots, makes for difficult landscaping options that don’t require water. You can only put so much rock, pavers and concrete without having something growing and green to liven up the outdoor space. For Oak Hills, an artificial grass lawn is the perfect choice. You can cover larger areas with less prep than concrete and pavers, plus have a soft and inviting space for recreation, whether poolside or simple open space for your kids to run wild. SGS Turf has several options for turf, and especially turf that can handle the environment of Oak Hills, where the wind blows, and snows and heat is sure to be just around the corner. All of SGS’s turf systems are tested to withstand the rigors of an ever changing environment. Typically brighter green colors like our new Aegis and even Sage 70 create a stark contrast to the high desert landscape. All of our turf systems come with a 16-year warranty plus workmanship of at least 1-year. Turf can be installed in as little as one day and ready to use and enjoy.
Save Money • Eco Friendly • No Maintenance
Fast Service
We guarantee fast service right to your door in San Bernardino. We pride ourselves on making sure we can deliver the product fast, while maintaining high standards.
High Quality

All of our synthetic grass and materials are made from the best quality.

Eco friendly and long lasting, you can count on your landscape looking good and lasting for decades.

SGS Turf Southern California Wholesale Factory Direct
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Located Near San Bernardino

Because of our convenient location to major shipping lanes, we are able to ship most wholesale turf the same day in Oak Hills, San Bernardino.

If you’re already a turf contractor, please call us direct to receive discounts with proof of contractor license. SGS Turf has 2-major hubs from which to service the US, allowing most shipments to arrive within 3-days or less.

Call SGS Turf, your local source for synthetic turf & installation in Oak Hills, CA.
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