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Newport Beach is a beautiful city in Orange County, California. It’s known for its mild climate, sunny weather, large waves, and sandy beaches. Claiming a population of about 86.000 people, Newport Beach homeowners rely more and more on artificial turf.

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Synthetic turf is a type of lawn made to look like natural grass. Artificial turf has a number of benefits over natural grass. These include more durability, less maintenance, and more water-efficient.

The city is home to Newport Beach Pier, Balboa Island, and Newport Beach Jetty, and numerous parks and beaches. Artificial turf is used in sports stadiums and parks. Newport Beach used artificial turf in some of its public parks since 2016. Artificial sports grass and even purple Astro Turf are increasingly in demand for school athletic departments.

Newport Beach residents have also found that artificial turf can help to keep public areas clean and free of debris. Artificial turf is a sustainable and cost-effective way to keep Newport Beach looking its best as the city grows.

Contractors with clients who love golf know that SGS supplies putting green backyard products and synthetic putting greens. Premium pro turf designed as part home turf landscaping makes golfing the best part of a turf backyard.

Luxury Newport Beach vacations draw thousands of visitors each year. Adding to the area’s lushness is the use of synthetic turf and false grass. A specific benefit for the beach is artificial grass helps to keep the sand clean; free of dirt and debris. It also helps to prevent erosion of the sand when there is heavy rain or flooding.

Additionally, artificial turf is used in areas where natural grass cannot grow. This is on roof terraces or in shady areas. SGS provides the best fake grass for yards, coming direct from an artificial grass factory to our warehouse. Discount artificial turf for a turf backyard is our specialty. We also have everything contractors need for installation and artificial grass drainage systems.

Newport Beach maintains its beautiful parks and green spaces without the need for large amounts of water or labor-intensive upkeep. Vacationers and residents alike enjoy the beauty of artificial grass.

Newport Beach also has a lot of public parks and recreation areas. This makes it a great place to live for people who enjoy the outdoors and spending time in nature. The city also has a wide variety of shops and restaurants. There are many things to do in Newport Beach, making it a great place to live or visit. Synthetic grass and synthetic lawn installation contractors can now get their products close by. SGS synthetic turf wholesale warehouse is only 38 miles from Newport Beach. Our products come with a 16-year performance warranty.

SGS has the latest line of realistic fake grass, including Synturf, in stock and ready to go. We even carry artificial St. Augustine grass and artificial turf for bocce courts and CrossFit turf. When it comes to pets, SGS features dog-friendly fake grass along with turf for dogs. Other products for pets include fake grass on concrete and doggie turf.


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