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Factory Direct Synthetic Grass Installation in Corona, California!

The City of CORONA is situated just East of Anaheim Hills and the Orange County border.
Corona was once, like many California towns, a thriving citrus growing hub for nearly 100-years. Corona was also home to one of the biggest purse open wheel auto races that drew racers from all over the world.
Today, Corona is home to over 150,000 residents and that explosion of residents happened in only the last 20-years.

With that many homes located in a major transit zone, water and irrigation for residential homes is hitting an all time high cost, and that’s even with the cities reclaimed water infrastructure system. The average home is spending $150 or more per month on water & trash services. Hit peak heat in the middle of summer, and that number easily double to well over $300 per month. Drought is a reality and sustainable yard and water reduction is the only solution.

SGS Turf, just 15-minutes from Corona town center, is a water landscape solution based company. SGS Turf stocks well over 2-million sq ft of synthetic grass and other water saving solutions such as decorative rock and supplies. You could say, SGS Turf is your one stop shop for saving serious money on your water bill.
Our representatives can design and assist homeowners with synthetic turf installation and other water saving solutions. All of our artificial grass products come with an extensive 16-year warranty, that has been tested to withstand non-stop UVA UVB sun exposure.

Providing turnkey solutions and water saving expertise to the residents of the City of Corona is our speciality.

Call today and get a free estimate and start putting money back in your pocket, not to mention your weekends back!
Fast Service

We guarantee fast service right to your door in Corona.

We pride ourselves on making sure we can deliver the product fast, while maintaining high standards.

High Quality

All of our synthetic grass and materials are made from the best quality.

Eco friendly and long lasting, you can count on your landscape looking good and lasting for decades.

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Located Near Corona

Because of our convenient location to major shipping lanes, we are able to ship most wholesale turf the same day in Corona, California.

If you’re already a turf contractor, please call us direct to receive discounts with proof of contractor license. SGS Turf has 2-major hubs from which to service the US, allowing most shipments to arrive within 3-days or less.

Call SGS Turf, your local source for synthetic turf & installation in Corona, CA.
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