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The Perfect Artificial Lawn

One less chore on your list this weekend!

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One less chore on your list!

front yard artificial grass

Artificial Lawns is the fastest growing segment in the artificial grass industry and is expected to out pace synthetic fields installs in terms of total sq footage.

SGS has positioned itself as a premiere supplier of US-Made artificial grass products to meet the growing demand. As well as being the only turf provider with a fully recyclable turf product.

All of our products are produced in the United States with full traceability of all components comprised in our synthetic turf systems. This gives you the assurance that you’re getting A1 quality products and supporting US business.

Distinct Turf Products  Meridian Close up

turf-monofilamentWe’ve hand selected fiber for our turf products that have the most durability, yet yield the most natural look. Our lawn products utilize fibers that ordinarily would have been used for sports fields, and other more stringent applications. We have combined them with subtle landscape yarns to create rich textures and color. All of our turf products are able to match regional and even seasonal grass colors, so no matter if you live in Southern California or Oklahoma City…… we’ve got a color variation that’s just right for you.

Awesome-synthetic-lawnSGS has also taken into consideration the reality of when synthetic lawns need to be removed & disposed of, and is where we separate ourselves from the competition.


pur flow back

We understand that landfills are not going to get any less full over time, and that plastic waste is truly a plague to our oceans and fisheries.

As an industry first, we have utilized materials that have the distinct ability to be fully recycled. Because of our unique manufacturing and material use, when your synthetic landscape product has exhausted it use (many, many years from now) and is apparent that it needs to be disposed; we have a new life for what was once your lawn…returning it back to plastic feed-stock for other uses such as plastic bottles, packaging, fabrics and other olefin based materials.

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