Artificial Turf Installation Process

The artificial turf installation process creates a beautiful and durable final landscaping option for many different applications.

Step 1 We inspect the area to insure we will not be involved with utilities or other potential hazards once we begin excavation. Then we remove all organic grass and tree root material to a depth 3″ to 5″. We want to insure that we’ve created a deep enough base and a place for water to freely drain, as well as lifetime support.

Step 2 - Leveling
Depending on soil conditions, we may install a geotextile fabric or additional drain system to insure no soil erosion or migration of materials. Then, cap and terminate irrigation as necessary. K9 installation may require leaving 1 or 2 sprinkler heads to rinse the turf through.
Step 3 - Baserock
Then we begin the import and placement of base-rock, 3/4″ minus drain rock. We need a road base material as it allows drainage, but compacts extremely well. We finish the base rock with fine grading and contouring and compaction with a heavy V-plate.
Step 4 - Install
Next we begin the process of installing the turf which requires detail measurement, fitment and stretching the turf to eliminate any movement or wrinkling over time. Depending on the type of application we may use landscape nails, or seam tape and glue for even both to secure the seams and edges.
Step 5 - Infill
Once turf is seamed and installed, we then will begin the process of ballasting/infilling the turf. This requires brushing up the turf blades with a power-broom, then in a series of passes/lifts installing infill media per the application; pet, sport, & playground installs require different infill type to create performance & anti-bacterial qualities.

The Final Product Is A Beautiful Yard!

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