Synthetic Playground Turf

ASTM & IPEMA Approved Safety Surface

SGS Playground Turf

  • Soft & Resilient
  • Non-Toxic
  • 8 Year Warranty
  • U.S. Made

Finally, a playground surface that is soft & inviting!

The use of synthetic turf for playgrounds is not new. In fact, we created a system that has been in use well over 10-years and is compliant with all ASTM-1292-4 Standards for Fall Height Safety.

Our playground turf surface is wildly successful and is a great value as a unitary surface. Most important, it creates a fun and a great play environment, with safety as a priority. All of the materials comprised on our playground turf system are non-toxic, and even incorporate anti-microbial properties, plus has the ability to be fully recycled after its use is exhausted.

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Advantages of SGS’ Playground Turf

        • Commercial Playground Compliant
        • Soft & Resilient
        • Non-Toxic
        • Perfect for daycares
        • ASTM Fall Height rated up to 8’
        • ADA Accessible
        • Less Expensive than most unitary surfaces
        • Proven for over 10-years
Playground Turf

Can be installed on almost any surface preparation!

Our playground turf is designed to be used in a variety of locations and environments. Our play turf can be installed over aggregate, cement, asphalt, and even rooftop applications. Because of this versatility, construction and installation costs are considerably less then typical unitary playground surfacing.

Can be installed on almost any surface preparation!

Because of our patent pending seaming system and impact protection fall padding, you can rest assured that your playground surface is safe and durable. SGS synthetic turf playground grass has a head impact rating up to 8’ and higher if necessary. Our play surface has been installed in almost every environment within the United States, Caribbean & Europe and all met with success.

Call today to get your playground the most cost effective, certified play surface available today.

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