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Natural Looking Artificial Turf Options

SGS Turf offers the most realistic looking synthetic grass turf available in Orange County and Los Angeles. We have selected only the best looking and proven products that emulate pristine grass in prime growing condition. SGS knows the region and have selected region specific turf products that look the best and most realistic.

With drastic weather changes, and extremes heat and cold, it makes growing a good looking natural grass quite difficult and we have the ultimate solution. We’ve found that using synthetic grass along with smart landscape design can create an amazing looking lawn that’s maintenance free, water free and best of all, looks perfectly green indefinitely.

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  • Great Pricing
  • 16 Year Warranty
  • Dozens of Varieties
  • U.S. Made

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Artificial Lawn Products

SGS’ award winning synthetic lawn products are designed with the latest technology, creating the most realistic looking lawn ever. Utilizing eco friendly components, we have created the first 100% fully recyclable artificial lawn…a full circle product. Because SGS has an extensive 16-year warranty, you can put your feet up and enjoy your weekends.

Key Benefits

• Dozens of varieties
• Fully recyclable
• Water saving
• Qualifies for water rebates
• Percolates water faster
• Pet & kid safe
• 16-year warranty
• US-Made

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How much does a synthetic grass lawn cost?

Our turf cost ranges from as low as $1.35 to $3.25 per sq ft, so the cost of an artificial lawn installed can range as as low as $4.00 per sq and up to $10.00 per sq ft depending on the contractor, location, size of the area, accessibility, and potential scrap. As well, homeowners may want to DIY some of the works themselves, and we’re here to help you through the process. Plus there is financing options and even water rebates supported by many municipalities for removing water thirsty natural grass.

Do you need artificial turf lawn installation?

Contact us directly so we can refer a trained and certified SGS installer. All of our independent installers are licensed & insured and have a minimum of 5-years experience installing artificial lawns.

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