Landscape & Lawn

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Landscape & Lawn

SGS offers a wide range of artificial lawn products to make your yard become a water free & maintenance free curbside beauty.

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Our goal is to get you the best possible product, made with 100% US derived materials and make your yard renovation project a gleaming success.

front yard artificial grassOur goal is to get you the best possible product, made with 100% US derived materials, and make you yard renovation project a gleaming success.

Turf can be tricky, but in reality with the help of SGS, we can make your synthetic grass installation a far easier experience.

We’ve over 25-years of turf installation, plus expert product knowledge to turn your yard into green perfection.

We care about the environment, that’s why our artificial lawn products carry an industry first of being fully recyclable.

Because we craft our turf products with a fully recyclable back system, our turf is capable of draining up to 234” of water per hour. This means water going into the ground and replenishing the aquifer.

pur flow back


The only recyclable turf on the market today!

Get the only turf with a complete life-cycle plan that saves you money, water, plus planet earth. Our unique US based manufacturing process & purity of materials allows our product to be repurposed once the materials life has been exhausted.  We also offer one of the industries longest term warranty’s with an astounding 16-year term.

Artificial grass close up

SGS’s multiple grass fiber systems offer turf that simulates grass in perfect growing conditions and color. Our heat reflective fiber technology is designed to keep cooler temperatures by reflecting heat instead of absorbing. In addition, the blend of our artificial lawn products can mimic almost any region in North America, so whether your growing drought tolerant Bermuda, or hardy Fescue, we can match and make your synthetic lawn as natural and perfect as newly sodded grass.

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